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Rhode Island Workers' Compensation - Did You Know?

  •  Workers' Compensation is a "no-fault" system. Employees who are legitimately injured as a result of their work receive Workers Compensation benefits as set by law, regardless of whose fault the injury is|

  • With very few exceptions, all employees, no matter where in Rhode Island your work, whatever company you work for, you are covered by a Rhode Island Workers Compensation policy.. (Maritime workers or US Federal workers may be under a different type of coverage.   

  • Workers' Compensation covers two categories of work related injuries and illnesses.
    1) Injuries or illnesses that are the result of a specific work-related accident; and / or
    2) Injuries or illnesses that occur over a period of time that are directly related to your employment. For example, reparative motions that the employee performs or repeated lifting of heavy items that may cause wrist, shoulder or back strains can be covered.

  • Workers' compensation can cover more than medical bills.

    Serious injuries may require hospitalization, the use of a medical specialists and  long periods of recuperation, resulting in extensive time off from work. In Rhode Island, Workers' Compensation benefits may include:

    • Payment of all medical costs;

    • Payment of a percentage of an injured employee's salary and wages.

    • Vocational rehabilitation (if  required) will be paid for.

    • Assistance with helping the employee return to work, (sometimes in a temporary work assignment or temporarily in analternative job.

    • Protection for you and your job at your place of employment

  • You do not have to prove your employer was at fault to be compensated.

  • We have members of the Rhode island Bar Association available  Monday thru Friday from 8:00am to 8:00pm to answer your questions (no matter how small) FREE OF CHARGE about the ins and outs of Rhode island Workers Compensation benefits.      

  • Approximately half of all Injured Worker Claims are not disputed by an insurer, the employer or the injured  employee. If your not sure about your entitled benefits, it is strongly advised that you educate yourself to protect your rights and interests and take advantage of this Free Phone Call.

  • Furthermore , the law requires that the Workers Compensation Insurance Company pay any and all attorney's fees, NOT YOU, if you should need one to provide additional assistance  win your case..


The best way to know about your Workers Compensation Coverage is to submit your question (completely confidential / and always free ) and have some who can answer your question (no matter how small it may seem) by clicking here





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